The ANZACS were solders from Australia and new Zealand . they protected are country for us . over ten thousand applied ,thousands died . ANZAC mean Australian and new Zealand army corps.



cyber bullying is when someone texts , emails etc and uses insults and rude words. if people are cyberbullying you tell someone 🙂 don’t hide it (also if you know them don’t punch him/her). If they do it more than 2-4 times report them if you don’t they will make you want to kill yourself. Its okay to tell people

5/6 maths success criteria

Elijah and I did the mild criteria . it was a bit challenging but we were with MrMcarthy in a work shop thing. a bunch of kids aswell as us renamed numbers like 2145 or 214 tens and 5 ones or 45 ones and 1 thousand and 11 tens

DNA mutation

DNA mutation is a mutation  that changes DNA changing the person  when the males “spurm” goes into females “egg” creating a person with a mutation . A special ability or trait like your self your special

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